Facilities and Vineyards

Located in close proximity to Santiago and the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by thick vineyards, Indómita is the only winery in the area that offers a panoramic view of the Casablanca valley, demonstrating its strong, dominant spirit.

Its imposing state-of-the-art cellar with capacity for 27 million liters dominates the Casablanca valley. Its barrel room and imposing terrace make it a must-visit destination that includes tours, horseback riding, wine tasting, and one of the country's best restaurants.

Its vineyards are located in the Casablanca valley, close to the Pacific Ocean, under optimal conditions for white varieties and Pinot Noir; in the Maipo valley, the birthplace of Chilean wine production and an ideal area for red wines; and the Biobío valley, a cool and rainy place that is perfect for growing noble varieties.