14 May

Excellent Results Berliner Wine Trophy 2020

Berliner 2020 ing

We are very proud to inform you the outstanding result we obtained for one of our wines in the international contest BERLINER WEIN TROPHY 2019.

This year, our company has been recognized with 2 GOLDEN MEDALS. We are very satisfied with this result.

The contest of Berliner Wein Trophy is an international competition based in Berlin, Germany. Since its first event in 2004, the competition has turned into the biggest and most important international wine tasting in Germany. An international jury of experts examines more than 13.000 wines selected according to all the norms of the art of tasting and expresses its scores in order to award the globally recognized medals of Silver, Gold and Great Gold.

This prestigious contest is celebrated under the patronage of the International Union of Oenologists (UIOE) and the International Organization of Vineyard and Wine (OIV), which guarantee a fair and carefully controlled competition. Furthermore, they assure that the contest is carried out in accordance with the international norms in terms of tasting: appearance, small, taste and the harmony of all.

It is necessary to emphasize that due to the restrictive guidelines of the OIV, only 30% of the presented wines can be awarded with a medal, which is why being within this select group is a true honor. 

We are very proud of this recognition, and we invite you to try these wines recognized in such an important contest.