At Viña Indómita, the preservation and respect for the environment, fair employee relations and commitment to our community are the backbone of our corporate philosophy, which applies sustainable practices like effluent treatment

Employee protection and organic wine production along its entire production and supply chain. Our processes are certified by the BRC, IFS, HACCP, SEDEX, Organic IMO quality standards as well as by Wines of Chile’s sustainability code.


Viña Indómita and its parent holding have embraced environmental protection as one of their top priorities. We are convinced that respecting nature and managing it sustainably will ensure future prosperity.

Some of the actions we have undertaken to protect our environment include waste treatment; the generation of renewable energies; measures geared at using resources like water and energy efficiently; the use of light bottles to reduce carbon emissions; organic wine production; and conservation programs to protect the native forest, flora and fauna.

Corporate social responsibility

In order to ensure the welfare of our workers and the community where we live and do business, Viña Indómita favors the employment of people from the areas where it operates as a way to contribute to the local economy through its many activities: wine production, tourism and fine dining. It is also an active participant in associations that promote the local industry, like the Association of Casablanca Wineries.

The company strives to apply fair treatment of employees by encouraging their integration and professional development.

Organic production

Our processes are minimally invasive on the environment. Viña Indómita has been certified with the IMO standard. These practices are applied to all production processes as much as possible in an effort to respect the environment.


Quality is the common denominator that underlies our work.

In an effort to consolidate our continuous improvement policy, Viña Indómita has developed a management system that guarantees product and service quality of our in all our processes. Accordingly, we have been certified under the BRC (British Retail Consortium), IFS (International Food Standard) and HACCP standards. One of the main pillars that support our business is our relationship with our suppliers, employees and customers, adding value to all of them through the products or services delivered.